Why Us


Our job is to ensure your pets are always looking their best. Groomers know which products and tools to use well.

Enjoyable Massage

Pet massaging when done by a professional has many health benefits, such as stimulation of the circulatory system and reduced stresses.

Our Range Of Services

Nail Clipping

Trimming of the nails, final length dependent on the nails internal structure.

De-Shed Groom

Blow dry, brush, De-shedding of double coated dogs and style scissoring. Nail trim, sanitary clip and ear-clean.

Lovely Dog Cuts

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    Kennel Cut

    It’s called the kennel cut because it’s low maintenance and ideal for someone who does not have much time to groom.

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    Teddy Beat

    Just that the face is a little fluffier than the rest of the dog. With the right kind of dog, the results can be adorable.

Heroes Behind the Company

Grooming at Mlekat is truly all about our guests. We’re committed not only to helping your pet look his or her best but also to providing the most comfortable experience possible.

Anisa Dale

Service Consultant

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